Personal | Implementing an Evening Skin Care Routine

I started implementing a night routine, and it has been amazing! For the most part I can fall asleep on command, but lately, my mind is going a million miles a minute, I just can't seem to shut it off to actually get some sleep. I've also been trying to take care of myself, and obviously, sleep is really important for that. 

So one part of my night routine is implementing an evening skin care routine! Since I don't hardly ever wear make-up! (I started wearing make-up to client meetings and shooting weddings...which is usually only foundation!) So since you usually get my natural face and I'm only getting older, I want it to be as healthy/"dewy" looking as possible! 

I recently started using the Mario Badescu products and I LOVE them! I, of course, first saw them at Anthropologie! I use the seaweed night cream every night before bed! And it's amazing! I use the Aloe Vera Toner right before I put the night cream on, and the Rosewater Facial Spray, I even though I use it before bed, I also use it all the time during the day. If I want to feel extra pampered The Karuna hydrating face mask is a special treat. My skin always looks awesome the next day, and I even get compliments on looking rested (since apparently I don't look like that most of the time^_^)

I love for things to smell really good before I go to sleep. Tocca has a hair fragrance spray (I know that sounds really strange!) But if I don't have time to wash my hair I use it and it makes my hair smell the best! I also love the hand cream. The Tocca fragrance I enjoy the most is Liliana.

Once all of that, I enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea! Certain teas are really good for your skin! It can keep you hydrated and also stop inflammation! However, just enjoy the late night tea before bed – the skin benefits are a bonus!