Personal | Creative at Heart Conference Round 7

I cannot believe it has been 3 years since I blogged about my first time going to the Creative at Heart Conference in 2015!

Attending the Creative at Heart Conference in 2015 – was such a pivotal transition to me building my business. Because of C@H, I started blogging, which was a huge platform for me to leave my full-time job in the tech-world to be a photographer. Also, Natalie Franke, from the Rising Tide Society – was my panel leader and she encouraged me to start running the local TuesdaysTogether chapter here in Baton Rouge. 

The panel was one of my favorite parts about the conference in my first attendance, so when the founder of the conference asked me to be a panelist for round 7 I of course said YES! And felt incredibly honored and excited.

Me and my panel group for round 7! Speaking to Wedding Industry Photographers – these girls are AMAZING and I cannot wait to follow their journey! 

Me and my panel group for round 7! Speaking to Wedding Industry Photographers – these girls are AMAZING and I cannot wait to follow their journey! 

Before I get to into the conference – I absolutely LOVED the city the conference was located. Raleigh, North Carolina surely felt like home! My favorite coffee shop in town was called Yellow Dog Bread Co.


If you are have to check this place out! I also fell in love with this little Artisan Chocolate Cafe that was right across the street from my AirBnB...called Escazu! I loved setting up shop here to edit photos, they also had a Chocolate Chai Latte that was so good!


So enough of me raving about the adorable little town of Raleigh – here are some of my favorite takeaways from the conference.

My Top Takeaways from Creative at Heart

The Venue –

The town was absolutely charming, from the people, to the homes, to the venue! I just wanted to move into was the perfect home for the conference.

I'm already feeling nostalgic...

The Speakers (LIKE LARA CASEY!)

Lara Casey was also our surprise guest speakers! She has been such an influence to me both spiritually and also business wise. I loved hearing her speak and be able to tell her how much she has influenced me and Quaint+Whim.


So much so that I still have a screenshot of a quote her team reposted I said on IG! (#nerd I know!)

The conference does such a great job of finding industry leaders that really care about their niche. From Branding and social media marketing – to SEO and CONTRACTS! I always feel like I am learning a well rounded amount of information.

Building Community

Seeing old friends and finally meeting Instagram friends in real life is always so much fun. These people truly become family. I love how the conference is small, so it allows for a lot of intimate conversations to build authentic relationships. The conference does this by not only focusing on Keynote speakers, but having smaller panel groups that are industry specific, and hands on breakout sessions that are in smaller groups as well. I mean you guys it is literally 4 days of NON-stop fun and learning!

This previous photo is of me and my old roommate from the Round 1 Conference! She is THE best!

If you are looking for a conference to build you both professionally and emotionally. If you are looking for a conference to get you out of your comfort zone to make big changes, but also intimate enough to make close friends and build relationships...I cannot recommend Creative at Heart enough! So glad to be a part of this family.