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About Me |

An intimate photographer photographing real stories between real people in their various seasons of life

Hiya my name is TahJah Harmony, and I am the whimsical creative behind Quaint+Whim.

I love to pour coffee into my ice cream, read a lot books, and play the violin.

I enjoy life's simple pleasures. I will dance over a yummy bite of food, clasp my hands in excitement over a thrilling story, and can always find an excuse to end up at Anthropologie.

My personality type is an INFJ – which makes up only 1% of the world. And I attribute my unique way of seeing the world to my very empathic personality type. I am a romantic, equally left and right brained (logical+creative), and have a thing about interpreting people's stories.

places I've traveled to photograph

+Costa Rica, Mexico
+Cancun, Mexico
+Nashville, Tennessee
+Breckenridge, Colorado
+Denver, Colorado
+Dallas, Texas
+Houston, Texas
+Orlando, Florida
+Rosemary Beach, Florida
+Aly's Beach, Florida

featured in

+InRegister Magazine
+DIG Magazine
+225 Magazine
+Rising Tide Society Blog
+Featured Creative for the Creative at Heart Conference
+Red Stick Moms Blog
+Country Roads Magazine
+The Fount Collective
+Power Pump Girls
+Brunch for the Soul