About | TahJah Harmony

Hiya my name is TahJah Harmony, and I am the whimsical creative behind Quaint+Whim. 

I've always been very passionate about the arts, and was very fortunate to attend performing arts schools growing up. So it was only natural that I would focus on improving my craft by studying art at Louisiana State University where I graduated in 2011 in both Digital Art and Computer Science.

Yes you heard that right, I'm equally left brained as I am right brained. I'm a big tech-nerd and worked as an app developer for 5 years after college.

Against all odds, I left my job in tech to fully focus on being a full-time photographer. Being multi-passionate – and with the power of social media. I've been able to expand into not only doing photography, but calligraphy, teaching various workshops, and leading a small group of creatives into becoming savvy small business owners.

Interested in booking a session with me or possibly working on a project together please don't hesitate to give me a holler!


(A little something Extra)

+Childhood Hero: Belle, from Beauty and the Beast

+Cherished gift: Pistachio Green Kitchen-Aid Mixer

+What keeps me inspired: Dance, especially ballet.

+Random Fact: I’m a HUGE tech-nerd I’ve always studied both Art+Computer Science.

+First job after college: Working in the video game industry

+Guilty Pleasure: Comic book movies+TV Shows

+Favorite Hobbies: Hobbies are my hobbies, from calligraphy, yoga, violin, (avid) reading, aerial silk, and dance, I absolutely love to learn new things. 

+Myers-Briggs personality: INFJ, and it couldn’t be any more true

+Embarrassing Fact: I own WAY too many Anthropologie coffee mugs.

These are a few of my favorite things!


“There is no perfect picture only perfect moments.”
— Joe Buissink