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About Me |

I left my tech-job as an app developer to actively pursue my passion of storytelling!

Hiya, my name is TahJah Harmony, and I am a multi-passionate storyteller!

I grew up with a family that loves sharing stories. Some people will tell you a story that happened to them, but with my family we would act out a scenario to the point you would really feel like you where there!

I’ve always been an avid reader with an extremely active imagination. Growing up I put on plays, choreographed routines, and also wrote a lot of short-stories. Even though I had outlets to let people inside my creative spirit, being a romantic, I always wish I could show people how I saw the world. And when I held my first photo in my hand, in that moment I knew that I finally had a medium that allowed me to show the world in my perspective.

but wait…weren’t you an app-developer?

Yes! In college I pursued both the arts AND computer science! After I graduated I worked in the tech-field for 5 years, until I jumped shipped to be a full-time photographer. After another 5 years of sharing stories though lifestyle photography, I grew a passion to share the stories of other creatives through the Creative Health Podcast, and my through my personal blogging.

I love to pour coffee into my ice cream, read a lot books, and play the violin.

I’m real big on the art of slow-living, will probably cry hearing a good part to a song, and can always find an excuse to end up at Anthropologie.

My personality type is an INFJ – which makes up only 1% of the world. And I attribute my unique way of seeing the world to my very empathic personality type. I am a romantic, equally left and right brained (logical+creative), and have a thing about interpreting people's stories.

places I've traveled to photograph

+Costa Rica, Mexico
+Cancun, Mexico
+Nashville, Tennessee
+Breckenridge, Colorado
+Denver, Colorado
+Dallas, Texas
+Houston, Texas
+Orlando, Florida
+Rosemary Beach, Florida
+Aly's Beach, Florida

featured in

+InRegister Magazine
+DIG Magazine
+225 Magazine
+Rising Tide Society Blog
+Featured Creative for the Creative at Heart Conference
+Red Stick Moms Blog
+Country Roads Magazine
+The Fount Collective
+Power Pump Girls
+Brunch for the Soul