Personal | A Love Letter to My Clients

This holiday season has been amazing this year! And while I am going through backing up images and getting them ready to edit and upload to galleries I wanted to take a moment to write a thank you letter to you guys.

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Dear Q+W Clients– 

I am going to try really hard to express my gratitude to you via words, but I don't really know if I can. I want to visit each one of you guys since the very beginning and just say how much it means to me that you've allowed me to document these different seasons in your lives.

So with that, Thank you! Thank you for trusting me and my photojournalistic style. Thank you for letting me get a glimpse into those moments that are so intimate and important to you. Thank you for looking forward to our sessions together which in turn makes me so excited for our sessions together.

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Thank you for dealing with me "taking a moment" so I can figure out how I can make this shot better. For taking the time to fill out my questionnaires so I can get to know you better and make your session the most important to you. For sending me the sweetest e-mails after you receive your gallery (I seriously save them all and re-read them when I'm having a bad day!)

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Thank you for laughing and dancing with me. For planning your next session before we even finished our session together. For allowing me to come into your home, be a part of your wedding day, roam the city of New Orleans with you while you are on vacation, or be a part of a family tradition. Thanks to you expecting mamas for allowing me to cherish those moments before you meet your little bundle, and for being in the photos with your newborn baby. And to all the men who are absolute troopers by humoring me with their model faces, because I know how much you realllyy wanted photo day to happen ^_^.

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Thank you guys for challenging me with sessions I would have never dreamed I could do. Like the time I rock climbed or photographed in a hot air ballon! 

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Thank you for flying me to another state to document your season, or for traveling to me! Thank you to my seasoned clients that have been with me since their wedding day and now as a family. Thank you for letting me share your images and your stories.

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Each one of you have been so open and honest with me about your lives, and I take each one of those stories with me. Each one of you has made me a better person, which has, in turn, made me a better photographer. You have grown with me, and I am internally thankful for you. 

I always tell my clients, that I feel that you guys are more so family! I am so thankful that you are a part of the Quaint+Whim Family, and that you have allowed me to adopt myself into your family. 

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I am equally thankful for those of you who have supported me in any way, be it sending a friend to me, liking a comment/post, or sharing a blog. Really those little things mean SO incredibly much to me.

You caring in any way has made my dream job a reality! 

So again – I thank you! 

With grace+gusto –

TahJah Harmony of Quaint+Whim