Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

You guys – I feel like with how crazy fast this year went, it's almost like December isn't fast enough to put up our Christmas trees! I think also because I've played in some kind of orchestra since the age of 8, prepping for Christmas usually started in July in preparation for holiday concerts and recitals.

So because this time of year flies by so quickly, I wanted to share some of my favorite things to do to get into the season, (And it doesn't require you to break out the Christmas trimmings!)

Christmas Music –

I thought this one would be the easiest to start with, mostly because of my performing music background, I love Christmas music for the holidays. Driving around listening to a few Christmas songs, or having them on while I'm in the kitchen surely gets me feeling festive.

Hot Chocolate –


Drinking hot chocolate is another favorite holiday treat for me, but I like to make drinking hot chocolate as serious as decorating Christmas Cookies. I get different types of peppermint, whip cream, sugar crystals, marshmallows, chocolates, and syrups to top the hot chocolate. Also, taking time to make it with milk on the stove, is a way to make it feel a little extra with Holiday Cheer.

Simmer Pots –


Putting a pot of hot water, and boiling cinnamon sticks, cut orange slices, lemon, and rosemary makes the house feel so much like home. It's a great scent for fall, or you could even get scented candles, but I just really enjoy putting together a simmering pot.

Decorating Cookies –

Hilfiger-Family-2017-November-029 (1).JPG


I know this sounds boring, but I LOVE a good sugar cookie, and decorating cookies and/or gingerbread houses is one of my favorites holiday traditions. Heck, even just making fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, with everyone in their loungewear is such a fun and cozy family activity (Or you can be like me and just do it by yourself! haha)

Staying In –


As a kid, those days were you wake up, and you spend the day at home still in your PJs are still some of my favorite memories, especially around the holidays. Having a lazy day (especially accompanied with any of these tasks!) can be pretty entertaining.

Netflix –

Y'all this is literally SO Cheesy, but I embrace cheesy, but I love the Christmas Musical TV Fireplace on Netflix! Really, I should add here to watch Christmas movies like normal people, but I don't really watch a lot of TV. I do like watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, and It's a Wonderful Life for the holidays.

Adding Mercury Glass+String Lights –

I always feel like string lights and mercury glass can be a great transitional way of decorating for the holidays. Adding little strings of lights around the home, and lighting tea lights in mercury glasses are a great way to tie yourself over before the major Christmas decor. 

I hope this list helps you guys get through these next few weeks before we really start decking the halls, and this list a great way to even continue on during the holiday season.

PS – an honorable mention that needs to be done CLOSER to the Holidays –

Finding Lights –

This needs to be done closer to the holidays, but I LOVE getting hot chocolate and driving around listening to Christmas music and finding houses that are decorated for the I just had to add this one in there.