Flooded with Love | In Home Portrait Session Promo

I cannot believe it has been a year since the "Great Flood of Baton Rouge" with families settling back into their homes, I have been getting inquiries to do in home portrait sessions. I wanted to offer promotional pricing to families affected by the flood. I only have 10 spots left – so it is first come first serve.

When I was a little girl I would watch my dad install floors. I would listen to him talk in detail with his clients about their ideal flooring and watch my dad put the utmost attention to detail to even the smallest cuts. He strived to serve his clients with precision because this was soon to become their dream home and he was playing a small part in it. The pride that my dad had when he would see the look of awe when the clients finally see their floors and the little kids running around on the ground they were not allowed to set foot on for quite some time is the heart that I have for photographing in home family sessions.

I grew up watching people make their houses homes. My favorite memories are in my tiny family home. I always felt safe there, and my favorite photos were not the ones from Sears, but the ones my mom took on her disposable camera (with the orange digital timestamps!) of us in our home.

A year ago – so many people lost their homes. It was the most disheartening thing watching memories become flooded, and families going to a house that is no longer a home. But with resilience these families turned back those shells of a house into their homes, putting the utmost attention to detail. I wanted to offer those families a discounted in home family session for the month of September. You just have to click the button below to register! I only have 10 spots that I am saving for these sessions and they will be at first come first serve.


I typically do not do discounts or mini-sessions, so this could be a fun way to start off making memories in your "newly established" home.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to give me a holler@quaintandwhim.com. I am looking forward to documenting your story.