Personal | It's My Birthday

This week I celebrated my 29th BIRTHDAY! WHAA!! It's my last hurrah before I am in my 3rd decade in life! My goal this year is to make my last stretch for my 20s the best one yet, to head into this new age with grace+gusto! ^_^


There is nothing like a new year or a new birth year – to give you sometime for self-reflection. I was going to make a 30-before-30 list, but while making this list, it caused me to realize a big flaw I want to solely focus on this year!

My biggest focus this year – is to really enjoy and soak in where I am "today"! I am ambitious and a goal setter, and it is so hard to appreciate the woman of today because I'm already critiquing her to what I want her to be. 


Which for the most part this trait works in my favor, but these last few years went by SO fast, I don't ever remember taking time, to truly soak in the moments. 

So here is to more self-high fives, late mornings still in PJs, and cupcake celebrations! 

To celebrating victories, instead of chasing after more victories.

I am absolutely looking forward to turning 30! I cannot wait to see what this year holds.