Highland Hilltop Arboretum | Engagement Photos | Chantelle+Scott | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Chantelle wouldn't have guessed that early summer morning that the boy she picked to volunteer with her behind the counter for a non-profit in Boulder, Colorado would have been the boy she was picking to spend forever with. Chantelle has a personality that can compete with the sun, or it could have been her great laugh that Scott fell for. After a summer of these two working together Scott moved back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Chantelle followed suit not to far afterwards.

She says that he cringes when she mentions that it was fate these two paths intercepted, however I couldn't agree with her more. Chantelle and Scott are definitely a match made for each other.

When first reading Chantelle's e-mail I knew that I wanted to be her wedding photographer. However it wasn't until meeting her and her future mother-in-law for coffee that really solidified that I wanted to document this huge moment for this couple. I could have sat at the café and talk to them for hours. Some might even say it was fate our paths intercepted...but let's not get so sentimental here ^_^

I had so much fun getting to know these two more. I simply cannot wait for their gorgeous outdoor wedding.