Proposal | Baton Rouge, LA | Tim and Julianne

Valentines day is soon approaching! So I decided to go back into the archives to post one of my favorite sessions from 2014! My first ever proposal session!

I was contacted by Tim to take pictures of his proposal. I think I was equally as excited to capture this moment as he was to finally pop the question. Even though I've never captured a proposal, I was feeling really good about it being a lifestyle photographer. I am always hiding and peaking through things to capture moments. However, once Tim told me that he wanted me to capture the entire moment which meant I had to be out of sight for over an hour  and 3 location changes, he really gave me a challenge!

But as always, I am game for a challenge!

Tim met Julianne at the Baton Rouge airport with flowers in his hand. I absolutely love the embrace they gave each other when they first saw one another.


Side note: I totally got fussed at by security at the airport! I mean hiding behind my car with my telephoto lens might look a little conspicuous, but thankfully he allowed me to grab a few shots!

Then I hopped into my car and went to the second location. He brought her to their spot, where I hid in bushes in anticipation for him to ask her to marry him. It was SO exciting!

They then went to walk to sit by the river, which makes this the third location. He had their close friends and family waiting to walk up on them to congratulate the newly engaged couple. (YES! I was still following far behind her not noticing that I was documenting this life changing moment!)

I mean seriously how gorgeous is this couple.