Lifestyle Photography | Behind the Scenes of Motherhood | Christie | St. Francisville Louisiana

I can't believe this is our last installment with Red Stick Moms Blog for the Behind the Scenes of Motherhood. The next mom we are featuring is Christie. She home schools her three littles and even raises chickens and rabbits. 

Pulling into her drive way I knew this was going to be a fun shoot when her son ran out the door to meet me. Giving me very specific orders that including the fact I am not allowed to take pictures of his secret Mine Craft location on his computer game. 

Since Christie's family raises chickens she joked how they eat a lot of eggs and that is what they were having for lunch in between the kids lesson. Everyone seemed to warm up to me rather quickly, except for her oldest daughter. She would hide from me. I knew she would warm up rather soon.

When milk was mixed with chocolate syrup and sandwiches were prepared and cut, lunch was ready. It was so sweet hearing her son's tiny voice pray at the table.

When lunch was finished I was taken to the back to see the chickens. Now my first thought when she said the family raised chickens was that they would have a couple of free-range chickens running around, I was so wrong. 

Christie and her son explained that her oldest daughter was the "chicken whisper".  I couldn't believe how easily she handled the chickens, they just nested right up to her. 

She would bring me different chicken types and explain to me their names and and distinct markings. This was around the time she started to feel comfortable around me, and didn't try to hide her face.

The chickens and rabbits were fed and eggs were gathered.

Now it was time to go back to their schoolings. Christie would rotate time with each child explaining the lesson. I loved hearing her son talk about the planets. He would ask her questions from things he previously understood about space. He was very focused on connecting his knowledge. 

Visiting Christie and her littles was so refreshing. They live the so-called "simple life". Which is such a misleading term because home schooling kids and raising farm animals (though she explained her husband does most of the work with the animals) seems exhausting. But it was so beautiful to see a mom prepare meals with eggs the kids picked and cleaned from the back. They would write and learn from HER teachings. She truly gives them such a remarkable gift.

Her son had me cracking up while he explained to me his different Mine Craft mods, a conversation I am all to familiar with when talking to my younger brother. Her very shy 5 year old daughter would show me her ballet moves and favorite things in the house (once she warmed up to me!). While her very social 3 year old would let out the biggest smile when I would look at her.


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