Lifestyle Photography | Behind the Scenes of Motherhood | Lisa | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Lisa is the next mom to be featured for Behind the Scenes of Motherhood with Red Stick Moms Blog.

Typically when you get portraits done of your everyday, or behind the scenes. You'll imagine your normal tasks get photographed. The breakfast at the table, laundry getting done, and putting up dishes. As always life doesn't go as plan, and your unscripted everyday, could turn into a little something different. But it still showcases your family! 

On the drive to Lisa's house traffic lights weren't working. Of course when I arrive to Lisa's she tells me that the power is off. Meaning her typical routine was not going to be so typical.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise! This was during the time in Louisiana when it rain for 10 days straight. It was our first sunny day, and stir crazy littles couldn't wait to play outside.

Breakfast was made on the fly, with little hands helping.

Lisa informed me that on a normal morning they would eat breakfast at the table, but today marked the exception. Breakfast was served outside. I believe her littles were excited about this change of scenery! 

Though this family had the typical dog as a pet, they also had free range chickens. It was so fun hearing stories about them.

I loved the layout of the house. It had big windows and a fenced in backyard, this made it so easy for the girls to run in and out the house. 

Ouchies were tended to and I had great conversations with Lisa. She had me cracking up laughing as she told me different stories. 

After everyone was fed they naturally went over to the swing set. 

Towards the end of the shoot of course the power came back on, but playing outside in the sun took over getting the typical morning tasks done.