Lifestyle Photography | Behind the Scenes of Motherhood | Stacy | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I am so excited to share the next Behind the Scenes of Motherhood with Red Stick Moms Blog.

This story is about Stacy and her little. You know that saying that you can tell so much about a person by the music they listen to. I learned so much about Stacy by watching her little lady, Charlotte.

When I first got to Stacy's little Charlotte, Charlie, was still  groggy. 

After Stacy finished getting Charlie ready for the day they spent some quality time together playing. Charlie was very good at playing pretend. She baked cookies (Which Stacy said she could be content doing for hours!)

She even "fed" her baby and "cleaned" the house. I am thinking someone is going to be quite a hostess! 

When Stacy went to pull laundry out of the dryer her little helper wasn't to far behind. 

I absolutely loved watching Stacy handing over clothes to Charlie as she put them away.

Laundry time is of course broken up by playing.

Stacy took Charlie outside to play for awhile. I think that Charlie would have stayed out there tracing feet until the sun went down.

Charlie of course helped with coffee, (I seriously think I need her around!).

Charlotte was so sweet, had one of the biggest hearts I've ever met, and was so content with the simplest of things. While I was admiring Charlie it made me admire Stacy. It didn't take long to put the two together that she gets those great qualities from her mom. 


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