Design and Print Birth Announcements with Basic Invite

 I am so excited to have been sponsored by Basic Invite to talk to you guys about their service offerings!

A question I get asked all the time after sending my moms their image gallery is where they can print out the birth announcements of their little ones, and Basic Invite is a great source for designing just that.


With Basic Invite they offer a great service to get you designing your birth announcements online right away. The thing that is great about this company is that they offer an unlimited amount of color options! So you can try to match those perfect colors you picked for your little one’s nursery in the birth announcement! It’s really easy to do also – once you select a design you can change each color element of the design in over 180 different color options. You know how much it means to me to make your photo sessions unique and personal by adding in your personal details, and basic invite lets you see exactly what your card looks like down to the littlest detail before you print them. If seeing it digitally isn't enough, you can even order a printed sample of the actual invitation, not many sites allow you to do that, and I think that is such a great option (Especially when you are super detail oriented like me!)


Basic Invite offers over 40 different colored envelopes. (PLUS they are peel and seal envelopes so you can quickly make sure they are securely closed!) Speaking of their envelopes you can get free addressing services with your order. That is such a timesaver especially for families adjusting to their newborns.


So if you are anything like me, and need to see visual changes on the go – you should check out the beautiful work of Basic Invite. Their templates are great for getting started and flexible enough to create something unique to you and they have great options at different price points to make them super affordable. Basic Invite does all the hard work for you, so that you have time to send out your announcements, and tend to your family.

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