3 Reasons Why You Should Do In Home Portraits

I love in home portrait sessions! What started out to be a little experiment a little over 5 years ago of photographing people in their spaces, turned into something I get to do for a living! How crazy is that? I've been able to document different families and couples in various parts of the states, people trust me with their important seasons, and it's something I'm SO honored to do. 

I wanted to share 3 reasons why you should consider doing in home portraits...

Starting the reasons off I wanted to start with the most important one:

1 | Debunking the "Pinterest Perfect Myth"

I hear so many people say that they wish they could do in home portraits but that they don't feel like their home is "Pinterest Perfect". You guys, that is such a myth! Whatever season you are in your home is worth being celebrated! And I say that in all honesty...growing up I lived in a tiny 2 bedrooms one bathroom home with my brother and my parents. My brother and I had our own rooms, and my parents slept in the living room. However, that home is my FAVORITE place. My favorite photos of us are the ones my mom took with her disposable camera that was super underexposed and had the orange digital timestamp in the right-hand corner. That was our life and our seasons, and the memories made that house a home more than an area rug, extra bedroom, or new sofa could do.


2 | In Home Sessions Create a Relaxing Environment

Photo day is so stressful, and getting you and everyone else ready, packing up a car, dealing with traffic, and whatever else can happen on a photo day, can just add to the stress! With in home sessions, everyone winds down and relaxes quickly. Kids love showing off their rooms and their new toys, which helps them trust me. And husbands love still being able to fiddle around with something in the house in between him being in photos. Your natural in home environment creates for the most natural photos.


3 | Your Photos are Uniquely YOUR Own!

My favorite thing about in home portraits are that each session is unique to that family. No one else will have photos like you, and you can embrace the unique differences of your family. I always tell people I focus on not only what you look like, but more importantly how you are. I want for your photos to be a ticket back in time so that you can really remember these moments. Each photo tells a story that is so uniquely you.


I go into more detail on why you should consider in home family portraits in my video. Click the image to view the video...or click here.

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