Why Your Next Photo Session Should Be In Your Home

At home photo sessions are becoming more and more common, and as a lifestyle photographer, I couldn't be more excited about it. In-home photo sessions aren't the only place to document a lifestyle session, but I wanted to share with you why they are some of my favorite sessions, and why your home shouldn't be an overlooked location!

My favorite photos of my childhood (and even the ones of my parents and grandparents) are usually the at home photos. Even though my parents still live in the same house I was born in, my mom is constantly rearranging furniture and changing the paint colors on the walls. At home photo sessions give us a looking glass into moments we would have never known. Looking back at those photos will spark stories, memories, laughter, and sometimes even tears when you recall back from that day. They are stories that studio/posed photos could never produce. 

Your home, no matter the condition, holds some of your best memories. One thing I have learned is even with all the money and resources in the world, you are still going to want to change something in your house. A room is never going to be perfect enough, but it is so much fun to look back on those photos and see where you were. 

With at home photo sessions you will warm up quickly! This even includes the kids! Since the photographer is in their territory, kids feel more in control. They can show off their toys and even have a safe place to hide from the photographer before they start warming up. Dads also enjoy that they can fiddle with something around the house when they aren't in the photos. It also makes photo sessions easier with newborns. With changing, feeding, or even taking a nap... at home sessions are a huge stress-reliever to photo day!

When you have your photo session in your home, it creates such a personal space to create moments. You will have images that as the years pass you'll grow to love more and more, and even notice a little something extra in the story with time. 

Some of my favorite at home family photos: