The Redoutes Visit New Orleans

I have been loving the trend of hiring a professional photographer when you travel to new locations! Sarah sent me an e-mail saying that her and her husband were going to be in town for New Orleans, and wanted to get some professional photos of them on vacation. They are also doing this to their trip to London! (Can they pack me up please?!)

We picked all the main New Orleans spots to get these photos so that they can remember this trip, non-selfie style!

We walked around the city at first to get some great landmark shots.

We went to the streetcars on Canal Street to get some really fun dancing photos.

The Redoutes danced some of the steps to their first dance at their wedding during our session! I thought it was so cute they took dance lessons, and even cuter they recalled their epic is this finale dip! 

We of course had to end the New Orleans photo session with Beignets! These two were so much fun! I think everyone should try and find a professional photographer to photograph them on a trip! So if you know anyone that is looking for New Orleans photography! Tell them to give me a holler! ^_^