Creative Health Podcast Episode 04 Natalie Franke

Why You Need a Community (w/ Natalie Franke)

Creative Health Podcast Episode 04 with the founder of the Rising Tide Society, photographer, and head of Community at Honeybook Natalie Franke (@nataliefranke on Instagram). In this episode, Natalie joins host TahJah Harmony to discuss the importance of building a community of like-minded individuals, how to rest, and when/how to be vulnerable on social media.

In this episode Natalie talks about:

  • The Importance of Finding a community

  • The Rising Tide Society

  • Infertility

  • Rest after brain surgery

  • Nutrition

  • When/how and even IF you need to be vulnerable on Social Media

Helpful Advice:

  • Connect with a local Tuesdays Together Chapter

  • Have a group of people you trust to really β€œfall apart” in front of

  • When it comes to being more open on social media, Ask yourself, does my client need to know this about me?

Things We Mention:

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