Creative Health Podcast Episode 02 Adam Vicarel

Living Your Life Over Making Money (w/ Adam Vicarel)

Creative Health Podcast Episode 02 with Handletter+Art Director Adam Vicarel (@adamvicarel on Instagram). In this episode, Adam joins host TahJah Harmony to discuss how taking a step outside, protecting your time, and how traveling for long periods of time fully disconnected can help you feel massively inspired, refreshed, and prevent burnout.

In this episode Adam talks about:

  • The importance of stepping from behind your computer to go outside

  • Protecting your time

  • How being a human is more important than making money

Helpful Advice:

  • Set times to check your email (Maybe even a certain day a week you work e-mail free!)

  • Turn off your notifications

  • Go outside

  • Plan non-work related it can be traveling somewhere or even going to a local comedy show, to get out of creative blocks

Things We Mention:

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Instagram: @adamvicarel