Personal | I Thought Nobody Wanted to See Me

“This was the best thing I ever did. I mean, putting myself as the face of my business... I thought nobody wanted to see me. I thought people just wanted to see was just the pretty clients and the pretty work..." –Sue Bryce

For years, I was the photographer's version of Sia. I did not have a single picture of me on my site, I mean you would have to do some digging to find one of me Instagram or Facebook, and if you did it surely wouldn't have been a recent one. 

I honestly felt that no one wanted to know my thoughts, my reasons, nor my passions. They just wanted to see my portfolio, and there simply wasn't a need to connect with the girl behind the lens. 

When I would meet with clients for the first time they had NO idea who I was, and  the first thing they would say is, "'re so much younger than I thought you would be!" Which is fair, even though I'm pushing 30...I do look like I'm about 15-years-old!

The thing is putting the YOU into your business is not only awkward but it can hold a lot of pressure. As small business owners, I am sure you will ask yourself with every personal bio, photo, blog, or social media caption...does this show vanity? Is this professional enough? Am I still staying personable? 

But what I learned is that people want to get to know you! The thing is the thoughts of feeling vain for talking about myself no longer existed, once it became essential for me to connect and resonate with people better, thus, improving my overall client and experience. People did want to get to know the girl behind the lens. They care about my heart and passion for documenting lifestyle moments. Also no longer are people shocked at how young I look when they first meet me!


So hiya, my name is TahJah Harmony, the girl behind the lens of Quaint+Whim. I absolutely love being a lifestyle photographer, and nothing would make me happier than getting to know you and to illustrate your narrative through photography.