Personal | Christmas in the Oaks | New Orleans, Louisiana

I haven't been to Christmas at the Oaks in New Orleans ever since I was a little kid. I've photographed a ton of weddings, engagements, family sessions in City Park. However, I haven't been there for leisure in quite some time. Every year we would plan to go as a family, and just never made it out. This year, we picked a day, picked the Toaster up from school, and headed out to see it.

And oh my was worth it! 

It was much more fun then I remembered, and also had so much to offer.

It was so beautiful seeing the lights in the gorgeous oak trees, and, of course, no matter what Spanish moss is always a great added feature.

They had so many different types of light scenes which I loved! It was so crazy seeing places that I've photographed dozen of times with animated lights, and different light structures like unicorns, dinosaurs, and snowmen.

With my family we see and talk to each other a lot. But we always go about life not being intentional on doing things. We have so much fun sitting at a table just drinking coffee, that we often miss out on making memories! Especially for the holidays. 

There are moments like this I simply would never want to replace.

We spent a surprising 4 hours at the park! We really didn't think we would spend that much time. To end everything we went on the ferris wheel so that we could see the entire park.

In case you can't tell I was SUPER excited to make this our last ride before making it back home ^_^.

I hope that in the busiest time of year, that you end it doing something intentional with your family. It really makes the holidays come together.


I absolutely loved FINALLY doing something for the Christmas season with the most important people in my life! If you haven't made it to Christmas in the Oaks in City Park yet, you must!