Louisiana Family Portraits | Lake Charles, Louisiana | Jennie+Casey

A few hours away from Baton Rouge is a gorgeous ranch where Jennie and Casey Daigle raise their three children. When I arrived at the ranch they call home, it was no surprise why Jennie without hesitation wanted family photos here. It truly was a photographer's dream spot. Even though this land wasn't familiar to me it instantly had the feeling of home.

Jennie and Casey were some of the kindest hearted people, and their kids were filled with so much personality! Each one of them radiates a light that can quickly shift your attention from the awe of the ranch to wanting to know more about each and every one of them. 

With a family that is constantly traveling it was very important for them to have updated family portraits of everyone.

And what better way to document them then during the golden sunset.


I, of course, had to sneak a few photos together of the mom and dad!


Once we finished up with portraits Jennie asked me if I wanted to see some of the farm animals and the kids very quickly took me to Papa's Garden.

Seeing the kids picking kumquats right off the tree to eat while playing with the different farm animals was so much fun. These are those moments when they grow older they will remember forever.

I loved these moments of the little jumping on the hay bales.

Casey and Jennie it truly was an honor to document your family right before the holidays. You all have such a strong bond, and I thank you for being so sweet and welcoming me to this little part of your life. 

For some extra documented moments be sure to check out this video!