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I had the honor of meeting and documenting the Zaunbrecher family in their adorable New Orleans home, and also at Coliseum Park. It was so natural documenting Durban and Austin playing with Augustus. He was so social and playful, you can really tell that they just couldn't get enough of his sweet little personality, and I couldn't either. 

Durban and Austin really wanted to focus on candid shots with them interacting with each other, which made this a very fun session.

The very first things Augusts did was run to his bookshelf to grab one of his favorite books. He really enjoyed being read to.

We then got to play in the living room...right before we headed to the park. I loved his little tent!

I absolutely adored this park session! They frequent this area a lot with their little man, and you can tell how it is probably one of his favorite places, because he was so excited when he got there. The photos of Augustus and Austin laughing are some of my favorites!

Doesn't he have the sweetest little laughing expressions? I am so thankful that the Zaunbreachers allowed me to document these sweet moments of Augusts! I absolutely loved meeting this family.