Personal | Hitting Close to Home

Growing up I would sit on the floor and watch my dad turn people's houses into homes when he would do their flooring. I loved watching people faces light up as they see the progress of their flooring.

3 years ago, I walked into a house and immediately felt the feeling of home when I entered the tiny foyer. There is something about establishing roots, and filling blank spaces with home and memories. Those feelings are what made me become such ad advocate for in-home portrait sessions.

This weekend changed that perspective so much as I watched countless homes become underwater during the Baton Rouge Flood. Streets I drove and walked on seemed like a movie scene on something apocalyptic.

This morning I spent time in my inbox checking in on some of my past clients to see if they were safe and dry, hearing how some of them lost their homes that we once laughed in during our photo sessions breaks my heart into so many pieces. 

Their photo sessions become a different meaning of bittersweet. Life is truly something else. And I know that this is only the beginning.

Today I am picking up some donations from mamas who cannot make it to shelters, and I'll be donating my time to help out some families in local shelters. I love how strong and united my city is.

I'll be updating on this blog and my other social media platforms. You'll be able to find me on @quaintandwhim on (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, + Snapchat)