Personal | World Photo Day

I am a romantic, not in the normal sense of the word, like when people think of love, but I have this very idealistic view of reality. I always see the good and the beauty in things, little things make the most impact to me, and it has always been really hard to explain this point of view to people. 

I wouldn't want anything more than to show people how truly extraordinary their everyday life is and how the little moments can tell the biggest stories.

Today is World Photo Day, and 177 years ago photography started to begin its ever changing development to impacting so many people's lives. I wanted to pay homage to something that has given me a voice to show people those moments. I realized that no matter how many times I try to tell people they have moments worth saving no matter how "mundane" they think their life is, it isn't until they get in front of my lens that I can show them that they get it.