Baton Rouge Calligraphy Workshop | At the Guru March 11th

This past weekend I hosted Quaint+Whim's round 2 of The Modern Calligraphy Workshop in Baton Rouge. This time the workshop was hosted at Circa 1857 at The Guru! It was such an honor since Circa 1857 is one of the original hubs for artist and makers! Making it both beautiful and an inspirational backdrop for the attendees to learn calligraphy!

Being the hostess that I am, I added some of my favorite Amber candles from Anthropologie – and made some treats for the attendees to enjoy while learning calligraphy. My favorite addition was the marble tiles to use as name tags. My father lays tiles for a living, so it was nice to incorporate something of his into this workshop! 

Everyone took to learning modern calligraphy really well! I'm always amazed with how eager everyone is to learn this art form! 

This truly is one of my favorite things to do! I love teaching and encouraging people to express themselves artistically! 

I am already in the works to host round 3 – and even offer some other types of workshops! If you are interested in learning when the next workshop is – sign up for the newsletter list – to be the first to know when our next workshop is! 

Also – I wanted to say that each time I host these workshops I learn something a little bit better – with that if you were ever an attendee – you will always be up to date with our latest PDF that is given to the attendees! Which will include new letters, and even new practice drills to keep you inspired!