Baton Rouge Calligraphy Workshop November 12th at The Parlor

I grew up watching my mom write all the time. She was always writing in our baby books, on scrap pieces of paper, and we had a ton of things around the house with our names handlettered on various objects. I can remember when I was in 3rd grade and I came home with my cursive lettering practice sheets, how excited my mom was for homework that day! Now, my mom wasn't on us about homework ever, but she was when it came to handwriting! This is what started my love for calligraphy. I learned that my grandfather valued the art of calligraphy, showed my mom, and then she taught me, and my brothers.

I would try to learn the way my friends wrote throughout school, and I think changed my handwriting every year. I was always tasked with writing things on the chalkboard or wall displays, and I never thought it would be something I could turn into a profession.

I am so excited to teach something that was passed from my grandfather into this calligraphy workshop! I hope that you guys register for your seat there is no experience needed! (P.S. this workshop is also being held on my mom's birthday!^_^)

Beginners Calligraphy Workshop
November 12th @ The Parlor