Louisiana Lifestyle Photographer | New Orleans City Park and Felicity Church | Oertling Family

This sweet New Orleans family lifestyle session is such a favorite! From the Spanish moss tress in City Park to the stained glass windows in Felicity Church, we were able to infuse a modern family portrait session with traditional elements giving The Oertlings the best of both worlds.

Taylor is actually an interior designer and informed me that she wanted each child have their unique personality show. I had so much fun getting to know Sam, Annie, and Mary to be sure I did just that!

When getting to know the two oldest Sam and Annie – they informed me that their favorite thing to do was climb trees, which rang true to the session. Each kid called for my attention while photographing to show how high they could climb! While the littlest showed off how sweet and cute she is by cuddling up to each parent or sibling.

We then went to Felicity Church, and I absolutely loved the idea of doing a family session there! Her older littles, of course, climbed the stairs and windows, but my favorite moments was when Annie asked her brother Sam to dance!

I had so much fun getting to know The Oertlings! Each kid gave me a weeks worth of a cardio workout that I surely ended their session with desserts and coffee! ^_^ My favorite part of the this session was spending one on one time with each kid. Sam taught me about dinosaurs, while Annie flexed her independence and fearlessness by climbing all the things, and Mary her ability to stand and walk, reallyyyy fast towards me with the biggest grin!

I cannot wait to continue documenting this family over the years to come!