Personal Project | Jamie Ray of Air Seekers | Aerial Silks Hot air Balloons

We all know that person who is a big dreamer. But knowing someone who is a big dreamer and making that dream a reality is few and far between. Jamie is one of those few and far between souls. When she first saw aerial silks at a Cirque du Soleil performance, she researched to find places near and far to take classes. She has been to several workshops, training sessions, and different teaching seminars all over to pursue her passion. She now does local performances and teaches in her in home studio under the name Air Seekers.

So when Jamie met Daniel and heard that he and his family own a hot air balloon company, and Jamie has always wanted to perform aerial silks suspended from a hot air balloon. She went into extreme planning to make her dream a reality. A dream about making the impossible possible.

I don't think any of us really knew what to expect when we got there. There is a difference between pre-planning and practicing and then doing the real thing. What was amazing was the team of professionals Jamie gathered.

Jamie's mantra is all about being determined to fly without wings. And I really think she pushed the limit with this one. Once all safety precautions where underway, and the wind optimal, it was time for Jamie to fly.

It was beyond amazing. All the nervous jitters went a way once Jamie was in the air. It was so beautiful watching her gracefully wrap the silks around her and perform literally in the sky way above the trees, at sunrise. 

This girl was for sure meant to fly. 

Hot air Balloonist Technician: Daniel Pulaski and family
Aerial Silks Acrobatic: Jamie Ray of Air Seekers
Safety Rigging: Lee Guilbeau
Photography: TahJah Harmony of Quaint+Whim