Why I love Lifestyle Photography

I have studied and photographed many different things...but it wasn't until I photographed a lifestyle session that I was finally able to let others see what I see. It was in those photos that gave me a voice, even though it is the voice of someone else's story.

In a world, where social media has perfectly curated content and of course Pinterest, we often don't see the beauty in our imperfections. There are so many little raw moments that fuel what I love to photograph, and in all the chaos, laundry, and crying there are always these small moments that go by completely unnoticed. Those are the moments I love to photograph. This testimonial from a client describes my passion way more than I ever could in words. In my session with Mandy, like most of my sessions, things didn't go as planned, we had a lot of crying moments, and her son just wasn't in the mood for photos...however, how many times I could say that is most kids and most things in life don't go as planned, here are her sweet words after seeing her photo gallery:

"Being able to see how I look at my son in the still, quiet moments is a gift I could never say an adequate thank you for. What I learned through this experience is that in the chaos there is so much beauty, so much to be thankful for. We are so much harder on ourselves as moms than we really need to be. I will forever cherish these photos because they reflect my family in such a pure form, challenge my understanding of how β€œboring” our lives seem, and have allowed me to see the incredible complexity of the mundane." -Mandy

Another thing I love about lifestyle photography is that as the years pass you can re-fall in love with an image. The same photo can hold a different story as the time passes. I'll get e-mails from clients that will send me a photo I took a year ago and they will tell me it was their new favorite photo, and can't believe how much time has gone by. 

It's like reading a favorite book again when you are older, and different things in the narrative just speak to you more profoundly.

I know that this post is super personal or not as informative as my other posts. But I really wanted to share a bit of my perspective on why I truly love documenting stories through lifestyle photography.