Things I've Learned | Making a Promo Video

Promo videos seem to be huge for small business owners. These minute long videos showing the behind the scenes of what you do are like commercials to not only your brand, but also your personality.

Like most photographers, I don't feel comfortable on the other side of the lens. Which is great because I can empathize and make you feel comfortable. However, I must say being in front of the camera for me felt an awful lot like putting shoes on the wrong foot!

Preparing for the Promo Video:

The best way for you and your videographer to get on the same page is to show him examples of what you want. When speaking with my videographer I sent him a lot of videos! But these are the two that we went most in depth about what I like and didn't like:

VIDEO ONE -The Work Side-

The aesthetics to this video I love. I love the color of the video, how most of the attention was focused on the work and the chef's hands. The super close up shots that shows that this chef really knows what he is doing! Of course, though not fitting to what I wanted, I LOVE the typography used throughout! And how stylized yet functional everything looks. It just seems very put together.

VIDEO TWO - The Person - 

Again, I also like the aesthetics of this video. I really love how it shows coffee as not being only a part of his professional life, but also his personal life. Being a barista embodies to him being an artist. You understand everything about his life by how he dresses, to him riding his bike, to his words. I mean honestly, doesn't he inspire you to just live your dreams, and have him make you coffee!

Video Goals!

It's great to have goals in mind before you make your video. I knew that I wanted to show my work, inspiration, and me as a person. I wrote a few clear goals to my videographer.

  1. To show what an in home lifestyle session with me would look like.
  2. For you to understand how absolutely FUN our sessions will be! 
  3. That not only would you want me to photograph your family, but also share a cup of tea with me.
  4. A glimpse into my home element. (Since it is only fair that I get to see you in yours!)

What I learned...

One thing I took away from getting my promo video done is that I way over thought everything. I was really stressed about everything not being "picture perfect". Which is something I always tell my clients not to worry about.  At the end of the day, the things I was so concerned about didn't matter. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I was so glad to have the Hebert family in the video – I've been documenting their story the longest, and they are so dear to me.

Well without further is my video. 

For fun I thought I would share some of the photos I actually got while "pretending" to take photos.

And lastly...a couple of these moments:

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