Personal | 5 Quirks About Me

One of my main goals in working with making your portraits special, is really getting to know YOU! I spend so much time e-mailing my clients, sharing images with them, that by the time our shoot comes around I feel like I've already been apart of their family. It's the beginning of our relationship, and I really do become your "un-related-relative". 

To do better on not keeping that focus one-sided I wanted to post some personal blogs, so that you can understand my heart and my passion, and help us click even more.

That being said here are 5 Things About Me!


When I was 8 years old, my elementary school offered violin lessons. I was SO excited about this, I can remember when my mom picked us up in car pool it was the first thing out of my mouth! For Christmas my dad got me my first violin (Which I regret so much I no longer have!). Unfortunately these students have been taking classes for over a month by the time I got my violin. But being the stubborn soul I am, I walked into class, told the teacher I was here to learn the violin, and she didn't have the heart to turn me away.


When I am into something, I am INTO IT! I love reading technical forms on camera gear, learning how things work, and really into computer technology. Learning how Google optimizes their search engine seriously excites me. I love video games, feel like a kid in the candy store when I watch Pixar animations, so thankful I grew up with the Harry Potter generation. Oh...and I love the creation of Marvel+DC on the big screen, and TV shows (The Arrow+The Flash...newest obsession!)


We live in a generation of instant! We want instant results, we make instant oatmeal, instant coffee, and trust me...I know we want to instantly see our photos! I had this feeling of always having somewhere to go, something to do, and just feeling antsy all the time. Then one day I realized...I really didn't have anything important to do, I just lived life with urgency. We have so much to make our lives go by faster, that instead of enjoying our day, we want it to go by even FASTER! And I mean our ancestors got REAL work done, and didn't have a grocery store, and had a ton of kids! So yes, I am one of those weird-os that don't own a microwave and french-press my coffee. I seriously find painting, and having to dip my calligraphy pen in ink to reload for the next letter therapeutic. Ironically doing life with patience and intention, has allowed me to get more done on a daily basis, and I feel more fulfilled by the end of the day.


One of my favorite things growing up was going through the shoebox of family photos. Holding my memories in my hands was so amazing. In college, I was purely a shoot+burn photographer. The first thing I would get from any client was, "I JUST want the digital copies to share on social media!" I now feel like my work as a photographer is unfinished, unless it is printed, this is my responsibility and not yours (I mean I DO give you your digital copies, but you are going to get some prints too!). I want your kids to have the same feelings I had when going through the box of photos. I absolutely love this route, and I am continually trying to prefect my client experience on delivery of this. (this also stems from quirk number 3!)


You know how people will say they picked up the habit of smoking because they were too shy to talk to people in social situations and gave them something to do. Well...That is how I started the habit of taking photos. Having a camera around with me, allowed me to be there without really having to socialize. It also made my friends so excited to have these moments captured from the day before. If you have worked with me, you are probably surprised to learn I am introverted. But instead of using it as an excuse to be afraid to be a professional photographer. It has actually been a blessing! I can easily put myself into your shoes, and know what I would want someone to do for me to make me feel a little more comfortable.

Could you relate to any of these quirks? If you have list I would love to read it.